Exploring the Impact of ChatGPT in Advanced Reading and Writing: A Case Study in a Tertiary Institution in Hong Kong (81427)

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This presentation investigates the effects of integrating ChatGPT into the curriculum of an Advanced Reading and Writing course at a tertiary institution in Hong Kong. The study focused on around 400 learners and aimed to analyze the impact of using ChatGPT on students' writing proficiency. The research compared the results of two assessments: the first being a closed book in-class writing task, and the second being an out-of-class writing task that allowed the use of external tools, including ChatGPT with acknowledgement. Despite the second assessment having more challenging rubrics, the overall grades showed a not unexpected significant improvement. The study utilized a mixed-methods approach, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The quantitative analysis involved a grade analysis of the two assessments, while the qualitative analysis involved interviewing students about their perceptions and experiences with ChatGPT. Findings revealed that students' writing abilities were enhanced when using ChatGPT as an external tool. The integration of ChatGPT provided students with a valuable resource to generate ideas, receive immediate feedback, and enhance their overall writing skills. Students reported that ChatGPT helped them overcome writer's block, improved their vocabulary and grammar usage, and allowed them to explore more sophisticated structures and expressions. The results of this study have significant implications for language educators, highlighting the potential benefits of incorporating advanced language models like ChatGPT into language instruction. The findings suggest that the use of such tools can positively impact students' writing proficiency, even when faced with more challenging assessment criteria.

Adam Forrester, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

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Mr Adam Forrester is a University Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Hong Kong

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