Effects of Critical Thinking Strategy Training on Reading Comprehension and Self-Efficacy of Vietnamese EFL Learners (81943)

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The study aims to help EFL students improve their reading comprehension and raise their self-efficacy in learning to read in the EFL context at a public university in the Mekong Delta. Therefore, the present study investigates how training in critical thinking strategies supports EFL student readers’ reading comprehension, improving the quality of readings and the relationship between reading comprehension and self-efficacy. Participants included 54 second-year Vietnamese EFL students majoring in English Studies. Four types of critical thinking strategies in training, including identifying a causal chain, making inferences, identifying advantages and disadvantages, and using a Venn diagram, were examined on two variables of reading comprehension and self-efficacy. A pretest-posttest design with four types of critical thinking strategies was tested on two experimental groups in an 8-week course. The results of the tests indicated that both groups enhanced reading comprehension through critical thinking strategy training using four types of critical reading strategies. Data from the questionnaires also revealed that EFL student readers had higher reading self-efficacy after the intervention. The findings of the present study offer a more insightful view of critical thinking strategies that can stimulate EFL student readers to learn to read. Furthermore, the contribution of the research might serve language educators as a literature reference for designing teaching and learning reading activities in class effectively for their students.

Huu Phat Nguyen, Tra Vinh University, Vietnam

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Phat H. Nguyen is currently a lecturer of English in the School of Foreign Languages at Tra Vinh University, Vietnam. His teaching experience spans a diverse array of second language reading and writing courses.

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