Teaching Persuasive Writing for Arabic-Speaking Students (83154)

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Studies reveal that English-speaking countries are facing problems in teaching the country’s language to emigrants coming from different cultural backgrounds. These problems get worse in non-English speaking countries for students are not exposed to this language in their daily life. This issue has become ubiquitous notably in the Arab world, turning into hate in some college students who do not realize that their weakness in English is due to the lack of or wrong exposure to this language in childhood and early adolescence. Teaching writing is the most difficult skill that instructors face in classrooms for different reasons including the demotivation of students, Arabic-influenced sentence structure, and general knowledge. There have been many theories revolving around teaching writing; but instructors struggle to make students write with logic flow, and students strive to satisfy instructors who deduct grades from the supporting details part without a precise clarification for pupils. It is worth noting that students are aware of the various parts of a paragraph without having the ability to apply them. Low grades, in turn, demotivate students and push them to surrender. Therefore, there should be precise criteria of assessment along with clear guidelines that enable students to write functionally. This paper displays practical techniques that might enable Arab instructors to root the concept of persuasion, and Arab students to write a persuasive body paragraph. The strategies would help instructors orient and regulate student’s way of thinking and sentence structure, respectively. Moreover, it suggests a rubric to assess a persuasive paragraph.

Sarah Eid, Al Maaref University, Lebanon

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Sarah EID is the English coordinator at Al Maaref University, Beirut- Lebanon.
She is interested in teaching English as a foreign language for Arabs. She tries to initiate techniques to teach English.

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