IAFOR Membership

Bringing the IAFOR Community Together in Uncertain Times

In light of the ongoing changes prompted by COVID-19, IAFOR recognises the importance of empowering the sense of community by taking meaningful action to increase the support of IAFOR’s global members. As a global academic organisation with over 30,000 supporters from around the world, IAFOR is committed to extend original membership benefits by introducing exclusive rights for all IAFOR members to view upcoming live online IAFOR conferences at no additional cost. By extending membership benefits, IAFOR is striving to continue to deliver its mission of facilitating international exchange, encouraging intercultural awareness, and promoting interdisciplinary discussion in the hope and expectation of generating and sharing new knowledge especially during these uncertain times.

Become an IAFOR member

IAFOR provides an excellent personal and professional environment for academics and scholars of all ages and backgrounds to come together and exchange the latest ideas, and inform each other’s perspectives through their own cultural and disciplinary background and experiences. We are able to do this thanks to the exceptional network of individuals and institutions around the world who support our work and help shape our exceptional events globally. We emphasise the nurturing and supporting of young academics from different backgrounds, providing mutual advice and guidance, and offer more senior academics the chance to forge working relationships outside of their traditional networks.

In a world where division and strife are underlined and played up in national and local contexts, and political posturing frequently seeks to ostracise and demonise, IAFOR is committed to working across cultural and national borders, and to work to bring people together. We believe that mature human interaction and academic and cultural exchange are essential to offering positive versions of the future, where cooperation happens with individuals and institutions who share a commitment to bridge divides, to being good global citizens, and to making the world a better place.

By becoming a member, you will become a stakeholder in the IAFOR mission of facilitating international exchange, encouraging intercultural awareness, and promoting interdisciplinary discussion in the hope and expectation of generating and sharing new knowledge. Join us now in this growing global organisation, and help make a difference today.

Who can be a member?

Membership is open to all those with a strong professional interest in education (scholars, professionals, policymakers, researchers, or graduate students), and who share a commitment to the values of IAFOR, as expressed in our mission.

Regular membership is available in the following categories:

IAFOR Individual Membership (Professional)

IAFOR Individual Professional Membership is for individuals, academics and scholars, of all ages and backgrounds.

$30 Income less than $10,000
$50 Income $10,001 – $30,000
$100 Income $30,001 – $65,000
$125 Income $65,001 – $100,000
$150 Income above $100,000
$40 Retired

IAFOR Individual Membership (Student)

IAFOR Student Membership is for individuals pursuing an academic post-graduate degree from an academic institution and not full-time employees of any organisation.

$10 Graduate Student in a developing country (employed less than full time)
$20 Graduate Student (employed less than full time)

Yearly membership dues are on a sliding scale based on individual annual income. All memberships run on an annual anniversary date, meaning that your membership is valid for one year from the time that you join. All dues are payable in US dollars.

Benefits of membership

IAFOR membership provides an exceptional opportunity to be a part of a leading global academic organisation, network and platform that is committed to nurturing the very best in interdisciplinary research in the global public interest.

Our conferences and expanding network bring together faculty and students from around the world and allows them to meet and interact in an open, and impartial setting. Each conference also offers excellent opportunities to engage with global leaders from diverse fields, and a growing global community.

  • Gain access to online IAFOR conferences for free. Access to view ALL streamed plenary, featured, and special sessions LIVE for free.
  • Discounts on Conference Registration. Membership allows a 15 percent discount on any conference registration package.
  • Discounts on Professional Development and Workshop/Course Certification. Membership allows a 15 percent discount on any workshop or course attendance or certification.
  • Free Online Events. Enjoy free online events, such as dedicated webinars, workshops or seminars delivered by leading international academics.
  • Tailored Content. Notifications of video, audio and podcast highlights from our events, tailored to your interests.
  • Newsletter. A quarterly membership newsletter with content tailored to your interests.
  • Collaborate. Share your research interests, areas of experience and expertise, and contact information with other members.