Review Committee

ECAH2019 Review Committee

  • Dr Alexander Klemm, Webster University of Thailand, Thailand
  • Dr Lily Zamir, Davis Yellin College, Israel
  • Professor Majed S. Al-Lehaibi, Jazan University , Saudi Arabia
  • Professor Natacha Muriel López Gallucci, Federal Universiti of Cariri, Brazil
  • Professor Santosa Soewarlan, Indonesia Institute of The Arts, Indonesia
  • Professor Xiaofan Gong, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China
  • Professor Zohreh Mirhosseini, Islamic Azad University-Tehran North Branch, Iran

IAFOR's peer review process, which involves both reciprocal review and the use of Review Committees, is overseen by conference Organising Committee members under the guidance of the Academic Governing Board. Review Committee members are established academics who hold PhDs or other terminal degrees in their fields and who have previous peer review experience.

If you would like to apply to serve on the ECAH2019 Review Committee, please visit our application page.

Previous Review Committees

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